Fake It So Real

WINNER of the 2021 ReLit Award in the novel category!!

Shortlisted for the 2021 BC and Yukon Book Prizes Ethel Wilson Fiction Prize!!

Join me for a FREE (online) event! September 26, 2021 from 7-8 pm at WORD Vancouver: Writing a Novel in Stories. I’ll read from Fake It So Real and explain why I decided to write it as a novel in stories, as well as how using a different point of view for each of the three main characters allowed me to tell their stories more authentically. Q&A will be moderated by Megan Cole from the BC and Yukon Book Prizes.

Fake It So Real takes on the fallout from a punk-rock lifestyle—the future of “no future”—and its effects on the subsequent generations of one family. In June of 1983, Gwen, a gnarly Nancy Spungen lookalike, meets Damian, the enigmatic leader of a punk band. Seven years and two unplanned pregnancies later, Damian abandons Gwen, leaving her to raise their two daughters, Sara and Meg, on her own.

The fourteen chapters that make up this novel usher Gwen and her daughters through five decades, haunted by Damian’s ghost. Fuelled by vodka and scrappy determination, Gwen balances a responsibility to her daughters with her narcissistic, self-destructive tendencies. Sara and Meg scramble through adolescence and enter adulthood walking the line between selfishness and self-sacrifice, attempting to avoid their parents’ mistakes, all the while making a whole new set of mistakes of their own.

In the voices of Gwen, Sara, and Meg, these chapters weave a raw and honest tapestry of family life as told from the underbelly, focused on the grey area between right and wrong, the idea that we are all equally culpable and justified in our actions, and the pain and ecstasy that accompany a life lived authentically. 

Watch a book trailer for Fake It So Real here.

How to purchase Fake It So Real:

If you’d like to buy the book (and why wouldn’t you?) please request it from your local, independent book store. To find an independent bookseller near you, check out this map created by Don Gorman of Rocky Mountain Books.

If you’re in Victoria: Fake It So Real is now available at Munro’s Books or Bolen Books.

You can also order it from Harbour Publishing‘s site. Please do not purchase the book from Amazon. Amazon destroys the publishing industry, it destroys local, independent book shops, and it destroys community.