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Praise for Fake It So Real

“[T]he book’s complicated and messy depiction of motherhood and womanhood, women who chafe at the limits of ‘wife’ and transgress them [makes it like] Alice Munro, but … punk? … This is not a story of happily ever after, but instead one of hardscrabble and losing, fucking up over and over again. … it’s also just really good, crafted with care and precision. … a book whose effort never shows, whose seams and joints are invisible. It just works, and as a reader, it’s such a pleasure to submit to a book that’s so well constructed. … Fake It So Real manages to be not a glorification of counterculture or a condemnation of it either. This is not a book that comes with an agenda, except to tell a story of love and family that is achingly real.”

Kerry Clare, author of Waiting for a Star to Fall

“One could say that Susan Sanford Blades writes with a unique edgy freshness that breaks the rules and blows the mind in the most satisfying way, but that wouldn’t be diving deep enough. This book broke my heart over and over again, and I relished in the breaking. It feels like my life—even though it doesn’t resemble my life in its events at all, it FEELS like life feels. The emotional veracity, the deep and tabled history of inherited trauma—the way trauma doesn’t register as trauma because of its numbing/truncating impact on us. I fell in love with each of these broken and breaking women, so skillfully, artfully, deliciously rendered—so real. Fake It So Real is a must-must-must read. You’ll want to recommend it to everyone. You’ll wear it like an aura for days afterwards.”

Kyeren Regehr, author of Cult Life

“Tender and lacerating. A jolt and a thump. Reading this book is a downright bodily experience.” 

Zoey Leigh Peterson, author of Next Year, For Sure

“This is it. Nobody rocks a sentence like Susan Sanford Blades. Precise and furious at the same time, her writing thrums with the pure energies of sex and music, deep longing and deeper love. This family, these girls and these women, their lives are not like the ones you read about in Alice Munro, but this art is the same: vital, honest and unafraid.”

Alexander MacLeod, author of Light Lifting

“Susan Sanford Blades is a discovery. … She spanks out line after quotable line as if she speaks in aphorisms. … Sentences carved out of the ether but anchored in an incredibly convincing, grubby, and hilariously inept reality.” 

Douglas GloverNuméro Cinq